Get Comments and Get Rankings

When leading instructional sessions on blogging, I often discuss the value of comments and how most blogs these days are not “if you write it they will come”, but rather “when you write it, no one cares”. While pessimistic, it’s quite true. If you want to people to find and read you blog, you need more than just high quality content, you need a marketing strategy. One of the ways to market your blog is to get comments. But, how do you get comments when no one knows your blog exists?

Well, you start by commenting on other people’s blogs first. When you do, you want concise comments that reference your blog.

Next, you want to write about what other people are writing and then reference their posts. This will encourage other blogs to read and follow you.

This takes time and effort, but doesn’t cost a thing.

Here’s a great post by HubSpot on this very topic:

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