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When to sunset your blog

In reality, what really happens is you write a few posts for the first month or two, maybe add in a couple shares, that dwindles to a post a month, and then after a year blogging it seems like just another item on your ever-growing to-do list that is put off indefinitely. Months go by and the best you can wrangle up is a retweet of an interesting news story you saw on Yahoo.com.

My New Favorite Thing: Word Clouds

I was just doing some work at explaining word clouds (or tag clouds) and have been looking at some tools that create them automatically from your website. Here are some amazing tag clouds generated from my blog using various tools:

Blogging Ideas – Best List of 52 Yet

I just came across one of the best lists of blogging ideas I have ever seen. It is full of inspiration… and you don’t need to do or be good at all 52… there’s enough on this list for everyone…

Blogging Tips – Make an Impact at the Start

Ever wonder how to open your blog post to ensure the post gets read? Look no further… Darren Rowse at ProBlogger penned an outstanding post entitled,
“10 Tips for Opening Your Next Blog Post”. It is a must read for all content creators out there.

The Single Most Important Question to Ask Before Blogging

I give a number of presentations about how to blog, how easy it is to get started, the tools you need, and how much time you should allocate to such activities… and so on and so forth… It all comes down to first addressing the single most important question when it comes to blogging.

E-mail or Email – Which Spelling is Correct?

Updated Oct 1, 2014 – Both methods for writing “email” are correct. But this highly debated topic was somewhat put to rest recently when the AP Style Guide officially announced it was dropping the hyphen from “e-mail”. And atlas, the world rejoiced. I never appreciated the hyphen in e-mail, so now we can write it (and not be accosted by our editors) without the hyphen.

Get Comments and Get Rankings

When leading instructional sessions on blogging, I often discuss the value of comments and how most blogs these days are not “if you write it they will come”, but rather “when you write it, no one cares”.

Facebook Comment System Might Reduce Spam

The new Facebook commenting system requires you to log in to Facebook in order to leave a comment on a site (that is using the plug-in). Therefore, the 99% of comments that this blog receives (as well as most others) that are spam, might be dramatically reduced.

Get More ReTweets – Ten Tips

Chris Lake write’s a concise and simple post offering 10 essential tips for gaining more retweets. Some tips are easier to follow than others, but if you can follow even a few of these, you’re off to a good start and ahead of the pack.

Search Engines & Content Providers

As more and more search engines enter the content creation world, will the boundaries of editorial integrity be crossed?