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Dan Soschin - Not a Troll

Anonymous comments and trolls… the end is near!

I’ve long opined that anonymous comments were the bane of the internet, a spawn of pure evil, and provided no value whatsoever to the internet. In fact, anonymous comments create liability and harm the public.

Facebook Introduces Consumer to Business Direct Messaging

Facebook rolled out a new feature to it’s Asian-based users whereby fans of a business page and initiate “private” communication threads with the page admins that do not appear in the “public” feeds.

It’s Time to End Fake & Anonymous Content on the Web

I’m sick and tired of reading bullshit comments on websites, typically written by uneducated, non-expert people hiding behind a shroud of anonymity offered by the web and forum-based review and rant-oriented sites.

A Facebook Page, Now What?

Businesses, one after another, are creating Facebook pages with the hopes of driving people to “like” them. However, many businesses fail to realize just having a page, and just obtaining likes are on the first steps.

Get Comments and Get Rankings

When leading instructional sessions on blogging, I often discuss the value of comments and how most blogs these days are not “if you write it they will come”, but rather “when you write it, no one cares”.