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Chief Marketing Technology Officer – the CMTO

Fellow technologists who run marketing practices will probably all agree that we split our time between technology and marketing pretty evenly. As a manager of a large marketing practice for an online company, I turn to technology to help grow our opportunities and create scalability as we tackle new challenges. I’ve often been asked which…
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Spruce up the workplace walls with employee art

A small group of staff sorted through the submissions and picked two dozen photos to be enlarged, matted and framed. The end result is fantastic!

Click Fraud in Display Networks

Pace Lattin produced a great article about advertising fraud over at ClickZ last week. It details how ad exchanges will go to any length to grow their inventory and undercut competitors.

The “_____” Moment of Truth

If you run a marketing program, you should start out by thinking about how you can convert more customers into advocates. That should be your goal. If you achieve that goal, revenue will follow.

Inside Facebook’s Advertising Platform

Marty Weintraub at aimClear is getting ready to debut his new book on Facebook advertising optimization and gave folks a sneak peak at what to expect between the covers.

Is Walmart Innovative?

Most people would quickly answer no to the question of whether Walmart is an innovative company. But, I challenge you to keep your perspective open. The world’s largest retailer is quite adept at breaking into new technology channels, and tapping them customer service or sales opportunities.

Social Media Targeted by Malware Threats

The bottom line here is that as new technologies emerge, so too, will those who exploit them. You cannot rely solely on the security companies to protect you. We must educate users – starting at a very young age. Education must include topics such as…