Social Media Targeted by Malware Threats

From MediaPost:

In 2010 Symantec identified over 286 million varieties of malware, which carried out a total 3.1 billion attacks on computers around the world, with the number of attacks conducted over the Web increasing 93% from 2009. Facebook is obviously one of the main targets, and Symantec illustrated the chinks in Facebook’s security armor with an app (created using Facebook APIs) that lets hackers see personal information on profiles which are supposed to be closed to the general public.

The bottom line here is that as new technologies emerge, so too, will those who exploit them. You cannot rely solely on the security companies to protect you. We must educate users – starting at a very young age. Education must include topics such as:

  • sharing information
  • posting information
  • phishing techniques
  • trust
  • common scams
  • malware
  • attachments
  • device security
  • password security
  • and so much more…

As you can see, it’s not a “30 minute conversation”, or a piece of software you buy at OfficeMax for $29.99. Rather, its education, that will protect the end user. And, the bottom line is that schools are not teaching this properly, and it has to change, because the technology will continue to evolve, exposing users to new types of threats each day.

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