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Dan Soschin - Omega Watch

Omega Coaxial – quite possibly the best commercial of 2013

Now, please consider that Omega never really touts features or benefits… they don’t even play into lifestyle per se. This is simply an emotional piece tied to the brand’s rich legacy of elegance, luxury, accuracy and provenance.

2012’s Brand Fails brought to you by AdWeek

Here’s a nice round up of “what were you thinking?” moments brought to by the good people at AdWeek.com.

Revisiting a great TV commercial

Sometimes the “best” TV commercials don’t require million-dollar budgets. Just great stories.

Truth in Advertising

In other words, if you are showing a video of a blimp’s view of a stadium during a football game, but the footage was filled weeks ago, you need to tell people that. Otherwise, it is a bit untruthful and lacks transparency. You’re basically assuming that your viewers are dumb and don’t care.

Voice Interactivity Changing the PPC Game

Those with Apple iPhone 4s devices may be less inclined to run text searches on Google.com as they grow more comfortable with interfacing with the Siri voice interaction platform.

Benetton Ads Fail Marketing 101

A new ad campaign by Benetton features the unauthorized use of images of political figures. Additionally, the images have been doctored to make it appear is if the figures are kissing.

QR Code Adoption: Is it an issue of Trust

Mobile Commerce recently published an article showing that adoption of QR codes by students is lacking (especially compared to other areas of the world such as Asia).

Facebook Ads: Landing Page or Facebook Page – Which is Better?

Facebook is drawing in new advertisers each data from the paid search world. However, the principles that apply to advertising in paid search (and even display) do not necessarily apply to Facebook.