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Will Searchers Change their Google Love?

Ryan DeShazer writes about recent search headlines involving JCP and content farms… asking the question if consumers will change their Google usage…

Another Win for Searchers!

Mahalo’s Google rankings are starting to dip. Hopefully this is just the beginning of what is to come… content farms being pushed out of business in favor of real, high quality content, made by experts.

A Win for Search and Loss for Content Farms

My concern is that unscrupulous business people (the same ones who create the content farms and do keyword stuffing, etc.) will now flag genuine sites of their competitors to try to game Google into lowering legit sites.

Washington Post’s Take on Content Farms

Not much new to add to my analysis, but between the post, eWeek and the New York Times, I’d say awareness has increased in the last two weeks dramatically.

Time is Ticking for Content Farms

Google publicly announces another step towards ridding the ‘net of content farms

Search Engines & Content Providers

As more and more search engines enter the content creation world, will the boundaries of editorial integrity be crossed?

How Content Farms are Killing the Internet

AOL just convinced itself to pay $315 for the HuffPost, which produces limited original content, outside of the ranting deranged posts of its readers who comment on the articles HuffPost assembles and reposts from other sites and sources.