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Contact Lens Battle Highlights Murky Search Trademark Waters

Bidding on a competitor’s keywords to trigger your search ads is a strategy that I discourage because it can often lead to an escalating “arms race” whereby your competitors will begin to bid up your keywords in retaliation.

Paid Search Hijacking – Feeling Helpless Now?

A recently reported malware strain infects computers without them having to download or accept any requests – the infection results just from visiting another infected site.

Amazon Sued for Allegedly Buying Trademarked Keyword

MediaPost reports that Amazon.com purchased a keyword for a desktop toy “buckyball” and the ad (when clicked) took the consumer to Amazon’s site advertising competing products for sale (and not actually buckyballs).

GoDaddy CEO Puts Customers at Risk

It seems that some of my client’s sites that are hosted on GoDaddy.com are running much slower (if loading at all) right now. Coincidence? Maybe… or maybe someone hacked in retaliation. Us customers cannot have the liability of a CEO acting this way. Too risky for our small businesses.

10 Facebook Policy Tips

If you are administering a Facebook page for your business, here are ten helpful tips.

Facebook Advertising – Click Fraud & Scams

I’ve recently started running a number of large campaigns on Facebook with decent success. My biggest problem is that the data I receive via the Facebook interface differs vastly from my Google Analytics data.

Social Media Policies – Do You Have One?

If your company has more than a few employees, you should have a social media policy. I’m not talking about a 400-page manual of restrictions and edicts. Rather, a document that serves as a reference point and guide for employees, helping them understand how social media affects their careers and the company.

Adwords – Bidding on Competitor Names

Should an advertiser bid on competitor’s names in Google AdWords?