Social Media Policies – Do You Have One?

If your company has more than a few employees, you should have a social media policy. I’m not talking about a 400-page manual of restrictions and edicts. Rather, a document that serves as a reference point and guide for employees, helping them understand how social media affects their careers and the company.

If you search the ‘net for example policies, you’ll find many. The keys to a good social media policy are:

  • be concise
  • provide examples
  • illustrate do’s and don’ts
  • provide contact info of your SM managers
  • list out procedure for reporting issues
  • embrace your employee’s energy as a brand ambassador
  • facilitate conversation
  • ensure that you outline how social media can impact your business
  • explain the value of social media

Here’s a great starter article to get you going:

But the key to any policy is adoption. What I have typically done is an all-staff training day, where we cover all the do’s and don’ts and walk through the policy, leaving ample time for role playing and questions. We follow it up with a quiz as well – and we make the questions tough! Additionally, we incorporate a social media training session into our new hire orientation programs, which works well at acclimating young employees to the professional world of social media, and providing older employees with a comfortable atmosphere to learn about these new tools.

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