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More on Measuring Social Media

Nick Cifuentes over at ClickZ penned a great piece on measuring the impact of social media, breaking it down by translating five traditional metrics:

Social Media & Metrics – Where is the Disconnect?

Social media ROI analysis is in its infancy. I believe this is a result not because we lack tools and metrics, but rather there is a disconnect between data analysts who lack understanding of social media, and social media managers, who lack an understanding of analytics.

Measuring Social Media – How to Get Started

For small businesses, I’m not sure all of these are applicable, as it may take more time to measure than benefit gained from knowing the results. So don’t get hung up on daily, or even weekly monitoring.

Measuring Social Media ROI

The first thing you must always do is understand what you hope to achieve. In this case, you need to ask yourself, why are we using social media, and why does that matter?

3 Must Reads on Social Media

1. Maria Ogneva’s post on “How to get your employees on board with your social media policy“. I’ve written a lot about this topic and constructed pages upon pages of policy for organizations, including development of a training program. Maria’s post is a great place to start. 2. Watch this video (and share it with…
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2010 Search Volume, CPC Data and Market Share Stats for Paid Search

Not surprising, Google’s market share increased and the Yahoo-Bing relationship created havoc for advertisers (I can relate to this as I observed many unexpected results to search campaigns upon this merger).

Search Stats

Here’s a great post containing some compelling statistics about the importance of a brand in search… pay close attention to the stat that shows about 1 in 3 people don’t know the difference between the paid ads displayed and the organic results. Also of note is the strong role brand awareness plays in driving search…
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Measuring Social Media – Moving Beyond “Fans” and “Friends”

A long time ago, businesses used to measure the success of their website by the number of hits. Of course, we’ve evolved quite a bit to look at a wealth of metrics, including time on site, conversions, ecommerce, clicks-to-conversion, bounce rates and more. Similarly, until very recently, we used to measure social media’s affects on…
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