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The Future Landing Page May Be A Micro Site

Landing pages are living canvases in the world of direct response marketing. We’re always testing, tweaking, refining and even full-scale redoing them to achieve the perfectly optimized and conversion experience.

Update to Google’s Site Indexing Functionality

Rob Young at Search Engine Watch reports on a new feature that Google released that speeds up your ability to have Google index your site.

Facebook Ads: Landing Page or Facebook Page – Which is Better?

Facebook is drawing in new advertisers each data from the paid search world. However, the principles that apply to advertising in paid search (and even display) do not necessarily apply to Facebook.

Top Landing Page Optimization Resources

Here are some of the absolutely best articles I have come across of the years with regards to building and optimizing great landing pages.

More on Landing Page Optimization & Quality Scores

Yesterday I shared an article about landing page optimization and I’d like to follow it up with another written by Ron Jones at ClickZ.com.

Great Post on Landing Page Optimization Basic Strategy

SEOmoz.org published a great article about optimizing landing pages. I particularly found of interest the section on “looking where other people are looking”. That would make a great split test for your business and I highly suggest doing so.

Speed Up your Web Pages with a “Sprite”

Each time a browser makes a call to the web server for an image, it takes time. A page with a lot of images has to make a lot of separate image calls (or server pings). This adds up to a lot of time.

How to write a great paid search ad

I’ve come across dozens of great articles over the years about how to optimize paid search campaigns. However, often overlooked is the fact that you have more opportunity to optimize the text ad than you think.

Inside Facebook’s Advertising Platform

Marty Weintraub at aimClear is getting ready to debut his new book on Facebook advertising optimization and gave folks a sneak peak at what to expect between the covers.

Paid Search Optimization – How to Get Started

If your paid search is languishing and you desire for some much needed optimization, a great place to get started is this article by Alex Cohen at Search Engine Watch. He outlines at least 43 points that you can drill in to in order to further optimize your paid search account.