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Procedures for Handling Negative Social Media Posts

If you’ve read my posts about handling negative buzz, or even attended one of my presentations in San Francisco, Boston, Las Vegas or Washington, DC., then you’ve probably heard me reference the Air Force’s social media response assessment chart.

When Something Goes Wrong Online (Because of You!)

I’ve often preached that one of the strongest (and most overlooked) benefits of digital marketing is that it enables you to be incredibly agile.

The Power of a Bad Review

Erik Saas just wrote a piece regarding a couple of surveys showing that consumers are highly likely to share a bad experience with their networks. This has long been reported as the case but perhaps somewhat ignored by many companies?

Twitter Tips – Cutting Through the Clutter

Before leveraging another tool, definitely take a look at unfollowing content providers that are offering little value. And, most importantly, use lists to group your content into multiple streams. This is a great way to manage multiple topics.

Don’t Interrupt!

If you are monitoring social media to listen in about your brand, take heed to this message… don’t interrupt the conversation!