When Something Goes Wrong Online (Because of You!)

I’ve often preached that one of the strongest (and most overlooked) benefits of digital marketing is that it enables you to be incredibly agile. You can test something quickly and alter it as you go. Pilots can be minutes or days, you can split test to your heart’s content, and so on.

Most importantly, you can correct mistakes! Say you screw up in social media, you can immediately be accountable and post a correction or apologize. If your ad has a typo, you can pull it down and correct it. This doesn’t mean you should be sloppy, lazy with your quality control, or cavalier in your instructions to your marketing teams. It just means you should use agility to your benefit.

Be quick to try something that might not be quite perfect so that you get the first mover advantage. Don’t spend weeks perfecting it – that just means lost market opportunity. Get it online and then worry about reiterations in the future.

And, if you screw up, here’s some fantastic advice to help you sleep at night from Amber Naslund at BrassTackThinking.com.

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