Google’s Plus 1 Program May Alter Paid Search Landscape

Google recently announced the addition of a new feature called “Plus One”. It is quite similar to the Facebook “Like” button in that Google users can click the button which will show up in the “buzz” feed so that their followers see their endorsements.  Users will be able to “+1” content, search results and even advertisements.

While Google says it has no public plans to allow +1 to affect AdRank or QualityScore, I would hypothesize that it will have an indirect affect.

As users are shown ads, Google may show the “plus” score of those ads, and perhaps even which friends of theirs have “plused” the ad. This may positively influence users into clicking ads that are endorsed by their friends, thus changing the performance of the ad. This is a boon for Google, who makes more money through more ad clicks.

Personally, I’d probably click on more ads, even out of curiosity to see why my friends had endorsed them.

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