More on Measuring the Impact of Social Media

In my first post of 2012, I’d like to start by congratulating myself. I know that is a bit self-serving, but I managed to get 239 posts in during 2011 which beat my goal of four per week! Since I am not in sales and don’t like quotas, the good news is that I don’t have to raise it on myself for 2012. So I will stick to four per week (208) in 2012, and hopefully some of those will provide value.

So, for post 240, I’d like to revisit a topic very near and dear to my heart: measuring the value of social media for your business.

For the three people who read my blog besides my wife, you might recall that this is a topic I have spoken at conferences about:

At System Alliance’s Site Executive annual user conference in Baltimore, MD, I joined John Moore to present on “The Value of a Like”. This presentation looked at how to identify what you should measure, tools for monitoring and measuring (especially those juicy freebies such as HootSuite, Google Analytics, and Facebook Insights), and capped it off by showcasing some simple ways to create reports to share the results.

You can view my presentation here:


Additionally, I will be presenting this topic in February in two locations:

In the mean time, here’s another great post by Nick Cifuentes at ClickZ on social media measurement that is a great place to start for understanding how to get started:

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