Next Stop: SMSS San Francisco – September 25th

Just a quick programming note, I will be in San Francisco on Tuesday, September 25th, 2012 hosting a session at the Social Media Strategies Summit.

Here’s the session description:

Measuring & Reporting on Social Media

Social media, everyone is doing it, and you finally decided to join them. You’ve got a Facebook page, a Twitter handle, and you have even managed to create some cool pinboards. Then your boss sends you and email that asks, “what is the value of all of this?” So, in an effort to help you keep your job, I will walk you through some no-cost, no-sweat methods for measuring the impact of social media on your business. You’ll walk away with some tools and processes you can begin using immediately, including information on:

  • Defining relevant metrics and KPIs
  • Sources for data
  • Facebook Insights
  • Earned media
  • Google Analytics
  • Excel dashboards

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