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Dan Soschin - Big Data Summit Miami

My recent visit to the land of Oz (a.k.a. Google’s HQ)

I was recently invited by Google to co-keynote a summit on higher education marketing at their headquarters in Mountain View.

Dan Soschin - Apple IOS7

Apple iOS 7: Should you Upgrade?

Generally speaking, operating system upgrades, like iOS 7 contain a host of enhancements, beyond the shiny veneer of new icons, graphics and animations.

Dan Soschin - Mark Twain Stamp

Mark Twain on “brevity” and why your marketing copy probably stinks

This week I want to share another one of Twain’s quotes that I admire greatly:
“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”

Dan Soschin - Webinar

Why your business ruined webinars for everyone

How many invitations to a webinar do you receive on a daily basis? I probably receive about 10 via the various newsletters and marketing emails I receive each day. And I’ll tell you that marketers have done a great job at getting me to read the messages, with catchy subjects and interesting event titles.

Photo by Trevor Cole on Unsplash

My 5 tips for success in the office

There are many things that enable my success in the office. It’s not just technology, time management, or working with bright people. And it’s not all about keeping an upbeat attitude, healthy lifestyle, or positive relationship with coworkers. These are all HUGELY important. But, for the sake of this article today, I’m going to focus on five things that I try to do each day to ensure I have success in the office. Take each one on its own and you’re doing well, but master all five and you’re headed for success.

Getting videos watched on YouTube

One of the questions I field regularly is how to improve the visibility of videos on YouTube. The answer is quite simple: start with highly sought after content.

Social Media – Case Study Template

If you are involved in social media management that it’s important that you regularly report on your successes (and failures).

Recap 1: DC Social Media Week – Analytics Presentation

I just got back from spending an afternoon in Georgetown presenting “Get Smart! Make Better Social Media Decisions through Analytics” to a group of about 250 social media enthusiasts at the PowerHouse.

Just watched the new Mercedes Super Bowl ad and it’s not good

Keeping with a recent trend, more and more Super Bowl advertisers are leaking their commercials ahead of the big game in order to create some buzz running up to the ad’s prime time debut.

Art of the thank you note: simple and timely

If you are like most folks in today’s fast-paced companies, you barely have time to take a lunch break, so you’re probably also ignoring another vitally important part of your work day – the thank you note.