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Latest Use for the iPad 3

iPad Uses for the Home.

Being Remarkable

It’s some advice on how to be a remarkable employee. The concepts are fairly straightforward and of course are easier said than done. However, the eight principles discussed can be applied to your work ethic over time to produce long term dividends.

Google Backs Chrome with $1m Exploit Bounty

I just love it when a big company with lots of financial resources puts its money where it’s mouth is.

I’m Hiring Three Positions in March

I’m looking for a few good folks who want to be a part of the best interactive marketing team! My team (maybe I’m biased?)

Demand Media Beats Wall Street’s Expectations, What’s Next

One of my least favorite category of ‘internet companies’ are those like About.com and Demand Media’s eHow.com. These sites create basically useless, non-authorative content that misleads consumers, provides little value and prevents higher quality content from appear in search engine results because that better content is not marketed as well.

Steve Jobs and his Lessons

Regardless of the magnitude of that failed business decision one can argue it helped keep Apple products wholesome to Job’s vision without being muddled by inferior third parties.

Job Alert: I’m hiring a paid search coordinator

I have an open position available for immediate hire at American Public University System in Manassas, Virginia. For more details on this position, please review the job posting.

Apple & Textbooks

There is a rumor that Apple will be hosting an event related to the publishing industry (possible textbooks) in New York in January 2012. Could it center around electronic editions of textbooks? Could it be new software for the iPad that makes etextbooks more like printed books? Could it be a sub-$100 text book ereader?

Oops, You Screwed Up, Now What?

I’ve written a few bits about handling negative buzz and developing a crisis response plan when it comes to gaffs and complaints, but what about dealing with your mistakes?

Spruce up the workplace walls with employee art

A small group of staff sorted through the submissions and picked two dozen photos to be enlarged, matted and framed. The end result is fantastic!