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2012’s Brand Fails brought to you by AdWeek

Here’s a nice round up of “what were you thinking?” moments brought to by the good people at AdWeek.com.

YouTube Features Marketers will Appreciate – New and Improved Annotations

YouTube is rolling out new features for their partners enabling them to use a new form of annotations. Previously, I felt that the annotations feature was a bit limited.

Next Stop: SMSS San Francisco – September 25th

Just a quick programming note, I will be in San Francisco on Tuesday, September 25th, 2012 hosting a session at the Social Media Strategies Summit.

Putting an End to Hate on the Internet

I’ve long opined on how virile the internet has become – giving a platform for anyone to anonymously spread hate, lies and misconceptions about anyone and anything.

Revisiting a great TV commercial

Sometimes the “best” TV commercials don’t require million-dollar budgets. Just great stories.

In business, apologizing is king

Being able to apologize in business, and to do it well, is paramount to the success of a leader. The art of apologizing, when executed properly, demonstrates intelligence, empathy and compassion. It also oozes humility, making leaders more approachable and I would say more successful. Here’s a great article by Forbes that explores this profound…
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2012 Marketo User Summit Today in San Francisco

Today I will be speaking at the user summit on two very different topics… API usage for moving data to and from Marketo And Social media tactics you can start doing today Heres some more info… http://summit.marketo.com/2012/agenda/

Google and Facebook — The Next MySpaces?

Jackson’s article is more than compelling – its nearly dead-on accurate with regards to how technologies evolve faster than companies. So, its difficult for companies that have devoted their resources heading down one path to get up, back track and head down a new path. This is especially difficult in the face of competitors who get a fresh start down a new branch.

Rosetta Stone Law Suit Against Google Moves Forward

Rosetta Stone (makers of the language software) have been given the go ahead by the appeals courts to move their lawsuit against Google to the next stage of the litigation process – a trial.

Marketo User Summit – San Francisco – May 2012

I will be presenting at the 2012 Marketo User Summit in San Francisco from May 22 – 24.