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Get Smart! Make Better Social Media Decisions through Analytics

Leveraging Facebook EdgeRank and Google Analytics to Drive a Return on Business Objectives

Social Media & Metrics – Where is the Disconnect?

Social media ROI analysis is in its infancy. I believe this is a result not because we lack tools and metrics, but rather there is a disconnect between data analysts who lack understanding of social media, and social media managers, who lack an understanding of analytics.

The Short List: Social Media Monitoring & Measurement

I’m always being asked about which tools are the best for monitoring and measuring social media. That’s a difficult question for me to answer without first understanding your business objectives, of course…

How to Measure Social Media ROI using Google Analytics

Ever wonder how to measure your social media ROI? Sure, lots of expensive products will do it for you! I won’t name them to protect the innocent, but what I can say is that you can get highly insightful metrics for free using Google Analytics, and they are just as powerful as the services you pay for.

Ad Performance based upon Position

Ever wondered if your paid ads on Google perform better when they are at the top center, top side, or somewhere lower? Here’s a fantastic high-level introduction to understanding the importance of this type of analysis and what it can mean for your paid search optimization:

Understanding Google Analytics – Site Search

There are a number of sections (groups of reports and metrics) in Google Analytics that webmasters often overlook. Perhaps it is due to not fully understanding how the reports are actionable, or simply due to the fact the reports are difficult to understand.

Social Communities & Academic Success

Studies that show the benefits of social networking with regards to academic success are continuing to surface. Data suggests that students who leverage communities as part of their academic program, perform better academically.

Screenshots Can Be A Great Reporting Tool for Social Media

Sarah’s suggestion of screenshots is one I use regularly for my clients. If we have a positive Facebook endorsement, we capture and share it in sort of a “story book”. We also write up very brief case studies demonstrating the success of a platform by showing examples.

2010 Search Volume, CPC Data and Market Share Stats for Paid Search

Not surprising, Google’s market share increased and the Yahoo-Bing relationship created havoc for advertisers (I can relate to this as I observed many unexpected results to search campaigns upon this merger).

Add Google Analytics to your Facebook Page

Recently, I’ve desired to use GA to track many of my other sites that I do not host (or have access to the source code). After doing some digging, I came across this post on how to add GA to your Facebook page.