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Google Changes AdWords Demographics

I just received a notice from Google as an AdWords advertising notifying me that Google is dropping the explicit ability to target/exclude ads to the 0-17 age group. This age group will no be rolled into a new category called “age – undetermined”.

Google to Position Ads Below Search Results

Today, Google announced that it will be displaying some paid ads below search results (opposed to the side). I was not able to confirm, but still assume ads above search results may co-exist with those below search results. In this case, organic results will be “sandwiched” between paid results.

Google Call Extensions – Is it Right for You? 5 Tips

More recently, Google is rolling out “call extensions”. These are somewhat similar, but instead of clicking on a phone number, you actually dial an intermediary phone number that Google displays in your ad.

Who Can Stop Facebook?

I do believe that folks may be generally agnostic when it comes to social media with a hint of laziness or hesitancy towards adopting new technologies when they are for the most part content with current offerings.

Google +1 on your Display Ads

I just read via SearchEngineWatch.com that Google will be rolling out the +1 button on display ads. You’ll be able to “+1” the ad as well as see the number of others who have done so along with photos of those who have plus-one’d within your network.

All of the sudden, I love Bing

I used to be really old school when it came to search. You see, I was one of those guys running paid search campaigns back in 2000 when bids were 1c and paid search was a wild frontier town for marketers.

Google+ Social Network – Engineered for Perfection?

Can a group of some of the brightest engineers at Google get social networking right? Is it possible to fully research, map out and execute the perfect social network? I’m not entirely sure about that.

Facebook, Google continue to dominate online ad spend

What’s interesting is that Facebook advertisers are not necessarily sticking around… the article alludes to a “test and learn” phase. What I’m seeing among certain Facebook advertisers is ad saturation and ad burn-in.

How to Add Google +1 to your WordPress Blog

If you hadn’t heard yet (living under a rock?), Google +1 (plus one) launched. Now that all the fanfare and buzz is subsiding (was there much?), what’s a WordPress blogger to do other than jump on the bandwagon.

More on Rich Snippets (and their Future!)

Janet Driscoll Miller posted about some upcoming changes to rich snippets on the Internet, mainly that the big three (Yahoo+MSN+Google) are teaming up to develop (and expand) a standardized schema for rich snippets in the hopes of better mapping out the semantic web.