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What is Social Search?

Yesterday I wrote a snippet about Bing’s new social search feature. In doing so, I came across an article written by Ryan DeShazer explaining social search in more detail and its potential significance. It’s a nice read, so if you are interested in learning more about how search will evolve over the next several months, check it out.

Social Search – How it Will Change the Landscape of your Decisions

Social Search, or stated differently, “the incorporation of social media elements into the search algorithm” have been experimentally evolving at a rapid pace over the past year.

More on Google Plus 1 (+1)

Vasilis Vryniotis at WebSEO wrote a great analysis of the new Google +1 feature that you should check out, especially if you are interested in the impact on SEO that this new feature may have.

Parked Domains: Good or Evil?

Over the years literally millions of parked domains (domains that have been purchased but show now real, unique, original, or valuable content) have emerged only to show ads. Owners purchase these domains because they either contain common keywords they hope searchers will stumble upon or misspelled words they hope searchers will accidentally type instead of the correct URL.

Google Launches Groupon-Like Service

Google Launches Groupon-Like Service

Will Searchers Change their Google Love?

Ryan DeShazer writes about recent search headlines involving JCP and content farms… asking the question if consumers will change their Google usage…

Google Expanding “Search Spam” to Native Search Experience

Google seems to be ramping up its aggression towards spammy search results as it has now moved to make the spam reporting feature a permanent part of the search experience, reports eWeek.

A Win for Search and Loss for Content Farms

My concern is that unscrupulous business people (the same ones who create the content farms and do keyword stuffing, etc.) will now flag genuine sites of their competitors to try to game Google into lowering legit sites.

Google AdWords Automated Rules – What you Need to Know

Joseph Kershbaum at SearchEngineWatch penned two great articles on Automated Rules for Google AdWords. Everyone should use automated rules, but getting started is kid of intimidating. Here are two articles that can help break the ice.

Washington Post’s Take on Content Farms

Not much new to add to my analysis, but between the post, eWeek and the New York Times, I’d say awareness has increased in the last two weeks dramatically.