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YouTube Features Marketers will Appreciate – New and Improved Annotations

YouTube is rolling out new features for their partners enabling them to use a new form of annotations. Previously, I felt that the annotations feature was a bit limited.

Revisiting a great TV commercial

Sometimes the “best” TV commercials don’t require million-dollar budgets. Just great stories.

Social Media Week DC – Value of Like Recap

Thanks to all my fellow DC social media gurus for coming out to Manassas and completely filling the conference room on Wednesday. What a thrill. We had standing room only!

YouTube Upgrades Insights into Robust Analytics

YouTube’s effort to remain the dominate force in streaming video received a nice boost today with its upgrade of the legacy-driven “Insights”.

Shortcut to SEO Success – Video

If you have keywords that are highly competitive (and these days, who’s keywords aren’t), then you might want to think about repurposing your existing web content or blog post into a short, optimized for SEO video.

Video Production Tips for Newbies

I recently conducted a webcast on this very topic to train a client’s staff on how they could incorporate video into their content strategy, even if they had never produced a video before.

3 Must Reads on Social Media

1. Maria Ogneva’s post on “How to get your employees on board with your social media policy“. I’ve written a lot about this topic and constructed pages upon pages of policy for organizations, including development of a training program. Maria’s post is a great place to start. 2. Watch this video (and share it with…
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