YouTube Upgrades Insights into Robust Analytics

YouTube’s effort to remain the dominate force in streaming video received a nice boost today with its upgrade of the legacy-driven “Insights”.

The old Insights dashboard which provide somewhat rudimentary data such as number of video views, geographic preferences and how viewers found your video has been significantly enhanced – both in how the data is presented, but also what type of data is provided.

Take a look at the new YouTube Analytics dashboard:

YouTube Analytics Dashboard Screenshot
The New YouTube Analytics Dashboard














The first thing you’ll notice is that the data is presented in a similar manner to Google Analytics (I’m still unsure why they don’t straight-port GA’s functionality to YouTube, but that’s for another day to discuss).

What I’m really digging is the “engagement section” which shows you how many video likes/dislikes you’ve received, along with comments, shares and favorites. This type of engagement data is more in tune with social media’s role in the discovery of video.

You’ll also find data on how the videos are being watched… be it on a mobile device, embedded player on a website other than YouTube, and so on.

The entire suite of analytic data is just fantastic. Plus, you can select a host of date ranges for analysis (including custom ranges) through a more intuitive data selector). Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Views – let’s you examine how many views your videos are receiving
  • Demographics – gender and geo data
  • Playback Locations – YouTube vs. embedded players, mobile, etc.
  • Traffic Sources – how folks are discovering your videos
  • Retention (a favorite of mine, somewhat unique to video) – shows how people drop off your video over time
The next set of reports are called “Engagement Reports” and include:
  • Subscribers – basic data on subscriber counts
  • Likes and dislikes – counts of likes and dislikes
  • Favorites – counts of how many times your vids have been marked as a favorite
  • Comments – data on your comments
  • Sharing – data on how viewers are sharing your content
All in all these upgrades are outstanding for YouTube content providers and businesses. Congrats to the YouTube (and Google team) for making a very wise investment in analytic data and making it easy to use, navigate, export and analyze.


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