How to Respond to a Negative Post

I have been presenting quite a bit on the topic of whether or not (and how) an organization should handle negative posts on forums, blogs and social media sites such as Facebook. I recently discussed this topic at Radian6’s “Social 2011” conference in Boston and folks were really interested in how to triage/escalate certain types of issues. So, today in this post, I’d like to provide one of the best the best visual representation of a triage process I have come across. It is one I use (in adapted format) when training others and presenting.

Here it is:

Air Force Social Media Flow Chart
Air Force Social Media Flow Chart

5 responses to “How to Respond to a Negative Post”

  1. Trish Avatar

    I think you’ll find that many organizations are going to appreciate this. I think that’s one of the biggest questions companies are asking themselves. Great graphic!

    All the best,
    Trish @Dayngr
    Community Manager | Radian6

  2. April Moore Avatar

    Excellent post. I love the diagram – very well thought out. It makes my little process-oriented heart happy to see it. I will definitely be sharing this one.

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