How to use Google Analytics’ Intelligence Feature

A very powerful, yet often overlooked feature of Google Analytics is the “Intelligence” set of features.  These are pre-packaged and customizable alerts that enable you to actively monitor virtually any type of situation on your web site. Here are a few examples:

  1. Alert when traffic falls more than 25% in a day
  2. Alert when goals drop too much
  3. Alert when time on site increases for a particular page
  4. Alert when traffic from a certain area increases
  5. And thousands more…

If you want to get started with alerts, one of the easiest things to do is click over to that tab and review the pre-packaged alerts. Those will give you a good understanding of what the Google experts think should be important too you. Your next step would be to customize those alerts and add your own. Don’t forget you can send alerts to multiple mailboxes if need be.

And finally, for more inspiration, there are many great resources on search analytics blogs (including the Google Analytics blog). Here’s a great post by Abby for PPCHero that can get you started too.

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