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Screenshots Can Be A Great Reporting Tool for Social Media

Sarah’s suggestion of screenshots is one I use regularly for my clients. If we have a positive Facebook endorsement, we capture and share it in sort of a “story book”. We also write up very brief case studies demonstrating the success of a platform by showing examples.

Like versus Share on Facebook Explained

The bottom line is that “like” will become more pronounced, with more details being posted on your wall. So, if you like something, it will really be shown. That may cause you to share more things rather than like them…

Why Do Social Media?

In all honesty, at this point if you haven’t started thinking about social media you are late to the game. But it is never too late, and quite easy to gain ground quickly. So get started today. Hint, hint… I can help.

Your Business Will Fail with Social Media

What’s important to realize here is that the social media basics are all free – all you need is a little time, energy and know-how and you can bring your business into the world of social media to remain competitive.

Social Updates to become more Pervasive in Search Results

What this means is a continued emphasis on user-generated content and cultivating customers to become brand champions and product evangelists. This underscores the importance of brand marketing and positive customer service.

Get More ReTweets – Ten Tips

Chris Lake write’s a concise and simple post offering 10 essential tips for gaining more retweets. Some tips are easier to follow than others, but if you can follow even a few of these, you’re off to a good start and ahead of the pack.

Social Media – Embrace & Extend – 4 Tips

Lately, I’ve encountered numerous articles discussing how companies have been restricting access to social media – either by blocking it altogether during the day or placing a dictatorial moratorium on tweeting as an employee. I suggest for my clients to take the EXACT OPPOSITE approach.

Companies don’t know how to use social media

Erik Sass at the blog, The Social Graf wrote a very interesting article recently on the ROI companies are achieving through investments in social media. For instance, he references a survey be eMarketer that found that only 15.4% of respondents believed Facebook was delivering “significant ROI”.

LinkedIn – Marketing Tips

Tips for using linkedin.

Facebook’s Commenting System

Still a little foggy on the specifics… but Facebook will roll out a new commenting system very soon. Facebook seems to receive a fair amount of criticism when it rolls out new features and services; many times these are well deserved jabs.