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Coke’s Emphasis on Mobile & Text Messaging

It’s compelling that one of the brand managers for one of the most well-respected brands is leaning on a fairly well established technology for future growth. Makes you at least question the state of your current mobile strategy.

2011 B2B Marketing Trends

MarketingProfs issued this article on their “top 5” B2B marketing trends for 2011. I would agree that there is an issue in most organizations of misunderstanding social media and how to properly leverage it as well as measure and monitor its impact on one’s business.

Reddit hits 1 billion

The social link sharing service, Reddit, hit a big milestone in January, 1 billion page views.

Facebook’s Search Algorithm

So when you are on Facebook and you search for something, how does Facebook return the results?

10 Facebook Policy Tips

If you are administering a Facebook page for your business, here are ten helpful tips.

Twitter Tips – Cutting Through the Clutter

Before leveraging another tool, definitely take a look at unfollowing content providers that are offering little value. And, most importantly, use lists to group your content into multiple streams. This is a great way to manage multiple topics.

7 Great Tips about Getting your Content Shared

Just read this fantastic article on how to get your content shared efficiently on Facebook. The article follows its own advice (which is good to know, and probably why I found it in the first place).

Don’t Interrupt!

If you are monitoring social media to listen in about your brand, take heed to this message… don’t interrupt the conversation!

Social Media Policies – Do You Have One?

If your company has more than a few employees, you should have a social media policy. I’m not talking about a 400-page manual of restrictions and edicts. Rather, a document that serves as a reference point and guide for employees, helping them understand how social media affects their careers and the company.

Facebook to Enter Social Buying Space?

Just yesterday I was sharing my opinion on how I though Groupon missed a big opportunity by rejecting Google’s buyout, primarily because I think Google will be able to enter the market and succeed just as well (if not better). Now, before the dust even settled on that debate, there’s news out that Facebook might be entering the mix too – albeit slightly differently.