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Alternative Uses for Social Media

Some industries have learned to use social media for other reasons, primarily to keep people honest and look for fraud. Here’s a great article that sums up some of these case studies by Media Post:

Did Groupon Miss It’s Narrow Window of Opportunity?

Many social media phenomena, when dissected, are rather simple conceptual models. Facebook was nothing technically sophisticated, nor Twitter. There were unique and revolutionary, but certainly not scientific breakthroughs (social-economic impact aside).

5 Social Media Trends in 2011

I really agree with the fact that overall, far more emphasis will be placed on social media in 2011, but mainly to understand how to value it within the matrix of corporate priorities.

Add Google Analytics to your Facebook Page

Recently, I’ve desired to use GA to track many of my other sites that I do not host (or have access to the source code). After doing some digging, I came across this post on how to add GA to your Facebook page.

Measuring Social Media – Moving Beyond “Fans” and “Friends”

A long time ago, businesses used to measure the success of their website by the number of hits. Of course, we’ve evolved quite a bit to look at a wealth of metrics, including time on site, conversions, ecommerce, clicks-to-conversion, bounce rates and more. Similarly, until very recently, we used to measure social media’s affects on…
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Twitter 101

On Friday, January 14, I gave a presentation entitled, “Twitter 101” that covered the basics of setting up an account and how to use the tool. I focused on how educators can use Twitter as a tool for researching, teaching, communicating, engaging and sharing. We discussed policy issues, common sense and the ins and outs…
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