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Great Unsubscribe Pages Decoded

As marketers, we spend a lot of time focusing on the funnel and creating the perfect landing page optimized to convert visitors into leads. I’ve even compiled a list of great resources to help folks get started with their landing pages.

Flash Forward – by George Fox

In early August, one of my colleagues forwarded me an article on Read Write Web heralding Adobe’s open beta of Edge: a tool for creating animated web content in HTML, CSS and javascript.

iPhone App versus Mobile Web: Financial Times

I’ve written previously that I feel the mobile app world will soon be replaced by mobile-friendly functionality on the web for many reasons. Mobile devices will soon be smart enough to interact with newer websites to provide users with an “app-like” experience, but also data plans and bandwidth will become faster and ubiquitous.

How to Build a Great About Us Page

About Us pages are “the window into the personality of your company/business/org”. As such, you should invest some time and energy into creating a useful, informative and accurate page.

Does Page Load Time Matter?

Does the speed at which your web pages load really matter, especially in this day and age where broadband is becoming ubiquitous?

Update to Google’s Site Indexing Functionality

Rob Young at Search Engine Watch reports on a new feature that Google released that speeds up your ability to have Google index your site.

Mobile App versus Mobile Web?

Should you invest in building out a mobile application for a smartphone, or instead, take your website into the mobile generation and just “mobilize” your website?

Top Landing Page Optimization Resources

Here are some of the absolutely best articles I have come across of the years with regards to building and optimizing great landing pages.

QR Codes: here to stay?

ClickZ writes a great article examining whether QR codes will survive or become obsolete. I’m certainly on the fence with regards to this issue. While there are many great uses for QR codes, I’m not sure if user adoption is occurring at a fast enough clip.

More on Landing Page Optimization & Quality Scores

Yesterday I shared an article about landing page optimization and I’d like to follow it up with another written by Ron Jones at ClickZ.com.