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Like versus Share on Facebook Explained

The bottom line is that “like” will become more pronounced, with more details being posted on your wall. So, if you like something, it will really be shown. That may cause you to share more things rather than like them…

Companies don’t know how to use social media

Erik Sass at the blog, The Social Graf wrote a very interesting article recently on the ROI companies are achieving through investments in social media. For instance, he references a survey be eMarketer that found that only 15.4% of respondents believed Facebook was delivering “significant ROI”.

Facebook’s Commenting System

Still a little foggy on the specifics… but Facebook will roll out a new commenting system very soon. Facebook seems to receive a fair amount of criticism when it rolls out new features and services; many times these are well deserved jabs.

A Cautionary Tale about Mobile Ads

I’ve shared my strong opinions towards click fraud regarding various ad platforms such as Google AdSense and Facebook before, so I’m not surprised by a recent article I came across by MarketingProfs.

Facebook’s Search Algorithm

So when you are on Facebook and you search for something, how does Facebook return the results?

10 Facebook Policy Tips

If you are administering a Facebook page for your business, here are ten helpful tips.

7 Great Tips about Getting your Content Shared

Just read this fantastic article on how to get your content shared efficiently on Facebook. The article follows its own advice (which is good to know, and probably why I found it in the first place).

Facebook Advertising – Click Fraud & Scams

I’ve recently started running a number of large campaigns on Facebook with decent success. My biggest problem is that the data I receive via the Facebook interface differs vastly from my Google Analytics data.

Facebook to Enter Social Buying Space?

Just yesterday I was sharing my opinion on how I though Groupon missed a big opportunity by rejecting Google’s buyout, primarily because I think Google will be able to enter the market and succeed just as well (if not better). Now, before the dust even settled on that debate, there’s news out that Facebook might be entering the mix too – albeit slightly differently.

Add Google Analytics to your Facebook Page

Recently, I’ve desired to use GA to track many of my other sites that I do not host (or have access to the source code). After doing some digging, I came across this post on how to add GA to your Facebook page.