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Google+ Adoption Continues to Accelerate

It appears that adoption of Google+ continues to accelerate despite critics and nay-sayers who continue to dismiss its relevancy. Of course adoption is simply a count of the number of registered users and doesn’t necessarily correlate to similar numbers for engagement and time on site.

Facebook Introduces Consumer to Business Direct Messaging

Facebook rolled out a new feature to it’s Asian-based users whereby fans of a business page and initiate “private” communication threads with the page admins that do not appear in the “public” feeds.

Value of Facebook Engagement

As you all know, I’ve reported and spoken on the topic of Facebook engagement and calculating its ROI for your business. Recently, I came across this article by Janette Speyer and Alison Brown that provides data from a survey by SocialCode. Some really interesting data that reaffirms the importance of ensuring you have a highly engaged Facebook audience.

Google Indexing Facebook Comments

Now that Google is indexing JavaScript-originated content, such as Facebook comments, businesses may start seeing a shift in search engine results. What does this mean for you?

Creating an Excellent User Experience – Baltimore, MD

Today I will be at the Site Executive User Conference, “Empower” in Baltimore, MD. This conference is free to all existing Site Executive customers.

Who Can Stop Facebook?

I do believe that folks may be generally agnostic when it comes to social media with a hint of laziness or hesitancy towards adopting new technologies when they are for the most part content with current offerings.

The Value of a Like on Facebook

How much is a “Like” worth to your business? Do you count the number of likes you have and eagerly report those totals to your management team to proclaim your social media success?

Facebook Ads: Landing Page or Facebook Page – Which is Better?

Facebook is drawing in new advertisers each data from the paid search world. However, the principles that apply to advertising in paid search (and even display) do not necessarily apply to Facebook.

Facebook & Privacy – Why Can’t They Be Friends?

Facebook had a fantastic opportunity to evolve its brand over the past several years into a leader and champion of privacy and safety. Yet, it seems just the opposite may have taken place.

Facebook, Google continue to dominate online ad spend

What’s interesting is that Facebook advertisers are not necessarily sticking around… the article alludes to a “test and learn” phase. What I’m seeing among certain Facebook advertisers is ad saturation and ad burn-in.