Google+ Adoption Continues to Accelerate

It appears that adoption of Google+ continues to accelerate despite critics and nay-sayers who continue to dismiss its relevancy. Of course adoption is simply a count of the number of registered users and doesn’t necessarily correlate to similar numbers for engagement and time on site.  But, with Google dominating search, and inserting G+ results into your standard results set, more and more Google+ content is being highlighted to internet users and the +1 buttons are undeniably everywhere. Marketers of content don’t want to be “left out”, so they have rushed to include the +1 button on virtually everything. This has created a massive amount of branding and awareness of the social network. However, it remains to be seen if Google+ can replicate the social success of its target rival, Facebook in terms of engagement and time on site.

And, can the two social networks ultimately co-exist? Not if they serve the same purpose… as who would want to post and engage twice every time they go online? G+ must continue to differentiate itself which becomes a difficult task when your rival can easily mimic your successes.

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