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Dan Soschin - Social Media Command Center

Legacy customer service challenges can impact success of a social media strategy

Is it possible for a big business to do social media “well”? The key to this is to understand how businesses perform in the area of customer service, since I believe social media and customer service go hand-in-hand for businesses.

Social media for combating crime

As the Edward Snowdon NSA leak story continues to unfold, another conversion, equally as important is surfacing – who should be allowed to monitor conversations and when?

Social Digital San Diego – Recap

We had a blast, fellow roosters, cats and dogs! Thanks for making my trip out to the amazing Gas Lamp district in San Diego for the Social Digital 2013 summit. I had a great time presenting, “Are you winning the race? Strategies for measuring success each step of the way on your social media journey.”

Social Media and the Military

I recently spoke with Laural Hobbes of Advanced Military Education about how American Military University uses social media. Here’s a link to the article:

Slides from Get Smart! Make Better Social Media Decisions through Analytics

Thanks to everyone who joined me today in Georgetown for Get Smart! Make Better Social Media Decisions through Analytics.

Social Media – Case Study Template

If you are involved in social media management that it’s important that you regularly report on your successes (and failures).

My take: Applebee’s service exacerbated by social media missteps

By now you may have already read about an incident over a tipping disagreement at Applebee’s. If not, you can read the article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/31/applebees-waitress-fired-god-tip-receipt_n_2591794.html Crap like this happens all the time for three major reasons: 1. Most businesses have crappy employees who care more about themselves than those they are being PAID to serve…
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Get Smart! Make Better Social Media Decisions through Analytics

Leveraging Facebook EdgeRank and Google Analytics to Drive a Return on Business Objectives

Social Media & Value

I spend a lot of time working with departments at the University to help them attain value from social media; and I spend a lot of time traveling around the country to share best practices for measuring and reporting on social media. I throw around a lot of terms like “ROI” and “ROO” and “EdgeRank”.