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The DC Government & Social Media

I’m not too surprised about this, and find that its a bit sooner than I would have thought. The idea of using social media to listen to your customers and then improve your products and services is not a new concept. It’s certainly our flagship missing at American Public University System – where we use social media to make sure our student experience is exceptional. But we’re known for being a social media savvy organization.

Posting on Facebook as a Business – You Need to Read This!

I won’t explain edgerank here, but I will say it is what Facebook uses to determine which updates will show up in your news feed. Yes, not all of them show up. Most don’t.

Procedures for Handling Negative Social Media Posts

If you’ve read my posts about handling negative buzz, or even attended one of my presentations in San Francisco, Boston, Las Vegas or Washington, DC., then you’ve probably heard me reference the Air Force’s social media response assessment chart.

Social Media Enablement and Deployment

I’ll be tackling some tough topics head-on, such as understanding the key objectives in your organization and how to translate them into a social media strategy; how to win over stakeholders who are social media novices; and understanding how to report and measure. I hope to post my slide deck and some notes here after the presentation.

How to Handle Negative Buzz on Social Media

Tomorrow (Thursday, October 25), I will be joining the Social Media Strategies Summit hosted by the good folks at GSMI, in Boston, MA (go Bo-Sox!).

Facebook to eliminate fake likes

Mashable is reporting that Facebook will start removing fake likes from pages. I see this is the first step, but not the last step in combating fraud on Facebook. Click fraud is rampant, and that must be addressed as soon as possible.

Twitter to replace “followers” metric with “influence score”?

The Washington Post reports that Twitter is mulling over the idea of lessening the importance of the “followers” metric and potentially augmenting or replacing it with a more accurate measure of reach or influence.

Facebook Click Fraud Issues

In a recent publicized report, thanks to Facebook having to keep its business in more of a public eye due to the company being publicly traded now, we learned that 8.7 percent of Facebook accounts are “fake”, more more than 80 million. We already knew this.

More on Measuring Social Media

Nick Cifuentes over at ClickZ penned a great piece on measuring the impact of social media, breaking it down by translating five traditional metrics:

Content Marketing – Where to Begin?

One of the better articles I have come across in recent memory on the topic of content marketing was served up recently at SEOMoz.org by Toby Murdock.