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More on Measuring the Impact of Social Media

At System Alliance’s Site Executive annual user conference in Baltimore, MD, I joined John Moore to present on “The Value of a Like”.

Value of Facebook Engagement

As you all know, I’ve reported and spoken on the topic of Facebook engagement and calculating its ROI for your business. Recently, I came across this article by Janette Speyer and Alison Brown that provides data from a survey by SocialCode. Some really interesting data that reaffirms the importance of ensuring you have a highly engaged Facebook audience.

YouTube Upgrades Insights into Robust Analytics

YouTube’s effort to remain the dominate force in streaming video received a nice boost today with its upgrade of the legacy-driven “Insights”.

Avinash explains changes to Google’s Sessionization Algorithm

If you use Google Analytics, this post (and accompanying video) is a must-read. Avinash, an expert on web analytics, especially Google Analytics, explains how the session algorithm changed and the resulting impact this has on various reports and metrics in GA.

The Value of a Like on Facebook

How much is a “Like” worth to your business? Do you count the number of likes you have and eagerly report those totals to your management team to proclaim your social media success?

Measuring Social Media ROI

The first thing you must always do is understand what you hope to achieve. In this case, you need to ask yourself, why are we using social media, and why does that matter?

Google Analytics Advanced Segments How-To

One that is a good starter is one I like to call “Social Media Traffic”. This segment lets you compare traffic and behavior on your site as a whole to that of visitors referred to you by the major social media websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Google Analytics – Custom Reports You Can Actually Use

If you are just getting started with Google Analytics and you’re wondering what types of custom reports you can create, look no further than this great article by Greg Habermann at SearchEngineWatch.com.

Is your organization “analytics-forward”?

If you ever wanted to do a “50,000 foot” assessment of where you stand, this is a good place to start and quickly identify key areas that might require additional attention in the next several months.

How to Measure Social Media ROI using Google Analytics

Ever wonder how to measure your social media ROI? Sure, lots of expensive products will do it for you! I won’t name them to protect the innocent, but what I can say is that you can get highly insightful metrics for free using Google Analytics, and they are just as powerful as the services you pay for.