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Search Engine Optimization – The Ultimate Report

SEOmoz.org just released the mother of all SEO factors report. It goes into great detail on how its panel of experts ranked different SEO factors in importance, and then correlated those factors to scientific data sets. It’s a huge report, but a fantastic reference for understanding the importance of various SEO factors.

Ad Performance based upon Position

Ever wondered if your paid ads on Google perform better when they are at the top center, top side, or somewhere lower? Here’s a fantastic high-level introduction to understanding the importance of this type of analysis and what it can mean for your paid search optimization:

How to use Google Analytics’ Intelligence Feature

A very powerful, yet often overlooked feature of Google Analytics is the “Intelligence” set of features. These are pre-packaged and customizable alerts that enable you to actively monitor virtually any type of situation on your web site.

Understanding Google Analytics – Site Search

There are a number of sections (groups of reports and metrics) in Google Analytics that webmasters often overlook. Perhaps it is due to not fully understanding how the reports are actionable, or simply due to the fact the reports are difficult to understand.

Social Media: Direct Visits? No! Influence? YES!!!

Cynthia Boris writes, “Under 1 Percent of Web Visits Comes from Social Media”. She’s reporting on a ForeSee survey of approximately 300,000 people that looks to examine social media ROI. While 18% of customers were influenced by social media, only 1% (versus 18%) clicked directly via a link.

2011 Marketing Spend Survey Data

Some great data based upon a 920-company marketing survey covering budget, spending direction, and various marketing categories.

Parked Domains: Good or Evil?

Over the years literally millions of parked domains (domains that have been purchased but show now real, unique, original, or valuable content) have emerged only to show ads. Owners purchase these domains because they either contain common keywords they hope searchers will stumble upon or misspelled words they hope searchers will accidentally type instead of the correct URL.

When Do Online Shoppers Convert?

However, I would caution you that the data varies greatly depending on the industry. I also believe that most people do a significant amount of browsing and shopping at work, based upon some baseline data collected from some of my own clients.

Track Twitter Traffic with Google Analytics

I love Google Analytics. If you love it too, and have access to a technical resource, here’s a great article by Matt Clarke at eConsultancy.com on how to add your Twitter activity to Google Analytics for tracking/reporting/analysis.

Screenshots Can Be A Great Reporting Tool for Social Media

Sarah’s suggestion of screenshots is one I use regularly for my clients. If we have a positive Facebook endorsement, we capture and share it in sort of a “story book”. We also write up very brief case studies demonstrating the success of a platform by showing examples.