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Get Comments and Get Rankings

When leading instructional sessions on blogging, I often discuss the value of comments and how most blogs these days are not “if you write it they will come”, but rather “when you write it, no one cares”.

SEO Audit – How to Get Started

Alan Bleiweiss writes a great article about performing SEO audits at the Search Engine Journal.

Will Searchers Change their Google Love?

Ryan DeShazer writes about recent search headlines involving JCP and content farms… asking the question if consumers will change their Google usage…

Let’s Talk SEO – 72 Myths Debunked (Yes, 72)

The bottom line is that if you haven’t been too SEO-savvy, you’ll have some catch up to do and some training of your web team. And please note, most technical web teams do not know SEO! It’s not a given! Use these two articles as a checklist when interviewing your SEO employee or agency. If they know that these are myths, then you are in good hands. If not, keep looking!

8 SEO Plug-Ins for WordPress

Early today I gave a lecture on SEO to a interactive marketing team about how to refine and improve their current SEO efforts. Needless to say, many of these tools will help!

Optimize for Long Tail Search in SEO – Not Keyword Rank

Today (Monday), I spent part of my President’s Day holiday giving a short (30 minute) lecture on SEO, discussing both the technical side and content side. While the info was high-level, one of my main points was the value of long tail search and optimizing pages for this.